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What is FUTSAL?
FUTSAL is the official 5v5 version of indoor soccer regulated by FIFA (1 goalie + 4 field players). It’s played on a hard court without walls, with a smaller, low-bounce ball.
FUTSAL is proven to be the best possible tool for technical development. The surface, ball, and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. It provides much more touches on the ball than any other soccer activity and it forces players to make decisions constantly.
Who has played FUTSAL?
All the best players in the world played it at their early stages, meaning that FUTSAL played a huge part in their development as athletes. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar… all of them saw how their individual technique got to the next level thanks to FUTSAL.
What special rules does FUTSAL have?
There’s some specific FUTSAL rules that impact you the first time you watch a futsal game because of how different they are to soccer, such as:
•    When the ball is kicked out of bounds, the other team will get a kick-in instead of a throw-in.
•    Goalies throw the ball instead of doing goal-kicks.
•    All restarts have to be taken within 4 seconds or they become the other team’s restart.
•    Once the goalkeeper touches the ball, he cannot touch it again until the opposing team touches it.
•    Subs are made on the fly, same as hockey!
•    After a number of fouls, instead of a free kick the other team gets awarded a double penalty kick, which is taking form a further spot.
What strategy does FUTSAL have?
Strategy-wise, FUTSAL is closer to basketball than it is to soccer. Usually teams form a diamond shape (with, apart from the goalie, a fixo that plays as a centre back or a holding mid; a right ala and a left ala that play as the outside players; and a pivo or pivot that plays as the centre forward). However, in FUTSAL movement is extremely important and this makes players to rotate positions around a lot, especially when attacking. Every team learns a number of different rotations that they master and that they execute when attacking, as well as different set pieces that take place from kick-ins and corner kicks. Also, when defending teams usually defend either zonal or man to man.
What is futsal?

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