Adult Women's 30+ Soccer

 All players must be 30 or over to play in the Women's 30+ League with the exception of the goalkeeper.


Adult League Director - Kelly Morcombe GAME CHANGE POLICY

Please click below to sign the Waiver before your first game. Please also take the time to review the Kingdom Rules.


WOMENS 30+ SOCCER LEAGUE                                        
Womens Over 30 Soccer

Multi-Session Team Discount

If a team commits to all 3 indoor sessions, the total is $1900.  This fee must be paid in full by November 1st.  Total Savings = $275  *If not paid in full by November 1st, team will be charged full price for all 3 Sessions.

30+ Women's Soccer
 Start Date
February 14, 2018
Registration Deadline
February 5, 2018


Sessions 2, 3, & 4 are 8 Game Sessions for $725 per Team / $79 per individual

$300 deposit must be paid before your
team is scheduled!  All team fees must be paid in full by the first game. 

Players must be 30 or older with the exception of the Goalkeeper.  If a team has a designated Goalkeeper that does not play in the field then the Goalkeeper can be younger than 30 but at least 18 years of age.  Gather some friends or old teammates and sign up for this fun league. Game times are 50 minutes with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute half time. 5 vs. 5 plus goalie. We pay the refs! For more information please call 269.226.2000 or Email:


PICK A COLOR & HAVE A BACK-UP!  Each team will pick a color for their team shirt and bring a back up just in case teams end up with the same colors.  If a team registers and request a color that is already taken we will contact the team contact to see if they can choose a different color.  If everyone brings a solid white and a solid black then the AWAY team can always change if needed.  Adult pinnies will no longer be available as the disappear and we often do not have the right sizes for everyone.  Please be prepared.  You must wear your team color.  For example: If your team is blue they all MUST be the same color blue.