Registration by Mail - Has to be in Kingdom office Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  We are a stay to play tournament.

Mail all paperwork to:



Kingdom Indoor Center
c/o Kingdom Cup
8151 Merchant Place
Portage, MI 49002

In Person Thursday October 2, 2014  at Kingdom Indoor Center from 3 pm - 8 pm or Friday October 3 from 2 pm-7 pm at River Oaks Park.  No faxed copies or emailed registrations will be accepted. 


Teams that mail in their team information must have one person stop by the main tent with the player pass cards one hour prior to their first game.

Tournament Check In List – Please include this with the team packet by mail or at check in. 

Waiver of Liability & Tournament Roster - must be in alphabetical order!
Waiver of Liability & Tournament Roster Form must be signed by each coach and player (or parent/legal guardian, if under 18 years of age).  This document will be turned in at team registration.

Portage Soccer Club Practice Facility Waiver of Liability
Please fill out this waiver of liability if your team is playing any games at the Portage complex.  This form needs to be back to our office by Friday, October 3rd.  For this document only, you may scan and email it to or fax it to us at 269.226.9078. 

Official Team Roster
A copy of your league approved team roster will be turned in at registration
Medical Releases
A copy of each player’s notarized medical release will need to be verified at registration.   Out of town teams will need to show Permission to Travel along with any out of state medical release forms
Guest Players
An approved USYSA guest player form must be presented at team registration.  Contact your state association for more information.  Guest Player Form
The documents above are needed for any guest player (player pass, medical release, waiver, Tournament roster and official team roster)

Maximum number of guest players
 U8 – U10  3 guest players
 U11 – U12  4 guest players
 U13 – U18  5 guest player

Permission to Travel - Form must be turned in at check in for any out of state teams.
Player Passes
All coaches, managers, and players must have a valid USSF player pass.
The team must show their player passes to the referee at the beginning of each match. 
Players may only play on one team.
Risk Management
All coaches, assistant coaches, and managers must have a valid risk management card.  Risk management cards must be presented at team registration or at any time when requested by the Tournament Director.  Team officials from other State Associations must provide their respective State Association's risk management or Kid Safe clearance documentation.


When possible we will have multiple divisions (premier, championship, and select). Depending on the number of teams accepted, the divisions will be grouped as follows:

Division of 14: Two groups of four teams and two groups of three teams. The two groups of three teams play a cross over game. Top teams in each of the four groups qualify for semi-finals.

Division of 12: Three groups of four teams. Top team from each group and the next best wild card team from the combined three groups advance to semi-finals. Tie breaker also used when determining wild card team in division of 12.

Division of 10: One group of four, two groups of three. Top team from each group and the next best wild card team from the combined three groups advance to semi-finals. Tie breaker also used when determining wild card team in a division of 10.

Division of 8: Two groups of four. Each team will play three games. Winners of each group will advance to the Championship.

Division of 6: Two groups of three teams. Each team will play two games within the group and then all teams will be seeded within their group, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 1st Group A will play 2nd Group B and 1st Group B will play 2nd Group A in the semi-finals. The 3rd place teams from each group will play each other in the consolation game. The winners of the semi-finals will play in the championship game.

Division of 5: One group of five teams. Each team will play a four game round robin schedule. Best team after the four games is the champion.

Division of 4: One group of four teams. Each team will play a three game round robin schedule. The first and second place teams will play for the division championship.

In divisions with a Wild Card the following example will be used to determine Semi-Final placement:

1st Group A vs 1st Group B | 1st Group C vs Wild Card

Unless Wild Card winner comes from Group C, which in that case:

1st Group A vs 1st Group C | 1st Group B vs Wild Card



FIFA rules apply to all games unless otherwise specified.

Game Ball
The home team will provide the game ball. 

Age Group & Game Length

Division  Game Length  Ball Size  Overtime only in semi-finals & championship games
 U8, U9, U10  two 25 minutes halves  4  2 - 5 minute periods
 U11, U12  two 30 minute halves  4  2 - 5 minute periods
 U13 and above  two 35 minute halves  5  2 – 5 minute period

Overtime is only in semi finals and championship games. The game is considered over at the first goal scored in an overtime period.  If the game is still tied after the overtime periods have concluded, the official will proceed with a penalty kick shoot-out in accordance with FIFA rules.

Number of Players

 Max Roster Size Guest Players
 U8, U9, U10  7 v7  14  3
 U11, U12  9 v 9  16  4
 U13 and above  11 v 11  22*  5

                                          *(Only dress 18 per game)

Home team (1st team on the schedule) will change uniforms in case of color conflict.  All teams must have an alternate set of jerseys. 
All players MUST wear shin guards that are covered by their socks.
Each player must wear an official uniform with a number on the back.
Casts, splints, or body braces made of a hard substance must be covered on all exterior surfaces with no less than 1/2 inch thick padding to the protect the injury.    

Game Clock
The game clock will not be stopped because of an injury to any player unless, at the discretion of the referee, the injured player must be removed from the field by medical personnel.  Due to the time allowed for completion of all games, the clock runs continuously.  There is no additional extra time added to any period. 

Offside will be called on U11 and above matches.  There is no offside for U8, U9, and U10 age divisions.   

Start of Play
The home team will choose the side of the field they wish to defend.  The away team will get the kick-off to start the game.  During play, teams will be benched on THE SAME SIDE of the field.  Parents and spectators must take the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE FIELD FROM THE PLAYERS. Please see field map for designated spectator areas on each field. 


Under 12 and below
Substitutions are to be made from the centerline.  Substitutions can be made under the following conditions:

  • Substitutions are on the fly
  • Player must exit field before new player enters

Under 13 and above
Substitutions are to be made from the centerline.  Substitutions can be made under the following conditions:

  • After a goal by either team 
  • Before a goal kick for either team
  • Before a throw-in in your favor (other team at the same time)
  • At beginning of any period of play
  • In case of injury for the injured player
  • On yellow card (to replace a cautioned player, 1 for 1)


  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

A maximum 5 minute grace period will be allowed after scheduled kick-off time before the game is awarded to an opponent.  A forfeit will be recorded as a 4-0 score.  A team that is responsible for a forfeit may not advance in the tournament.   The minimum players on a (7v7) is 5, (9v9) is 7, and (11v11) is 7. 

Inclement Weather/Cancellation  
The tournament committee reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather.

  • Relocate and / or reschedule a match
  • Change a division structure
  • Reduce the duration of a match.  If a game’s progress is terminated due to severe weather conditions after 20 minutes of play, the game will be considered official and the score at that time will stand.
  • Only referees or the Tournament Director can cancel or postpone a game. In the event of tournament cancellation due to weather or other forces beyond our control, the tournament will not provide refunds of any type to accepted teams.    


First Tiebreaker Head to head competition. Not applicable if tie involves more than 2 teams.
Second Tiebreaker Highest cumulative goal spread (goals scored minus goals allowed) with a maximum of 4 goal spread per game. Examples: A 2-0 win is +2. A 4-1 win is +3. A 8-1 win is +4.  A 4-0 win is +4.
Third Tiebreaker In cases where the above goal spread does not differentiate between teams, goals against each team will be totaled for the preliminary round games. The team having the fewest goals against them will be determined as having the better record.
Fourth Tiebreaker Penalty kicks. The Tournament Director will determine time and Field location.

If 3 teams are involved in tie, tie breakers will determine top team and remaining teams will go back through tie breakers starting at second tie breaker to determine placement of teams. 


Players/Coaches/Managers are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Laws of the Game.

  • A player/coach/manager that is ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.
  • The player pass card for the ejected individual will be retained by the Tournament Director and held in the  registration tent, the Coach/Manager is responsible to pick up the pass card after the required number of games has been sat out.
  • The Tournament committee, in agreement with the USYSA Tournament Hosting Agreement, will take the following action:
    • The issuance of all red cards, yellow cards, and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches, or supporters will be recorded by our organization.  This information shall be reported to the home State Association and home Club/League.
    • Any player/coach/manager etc. that receives a red card and does not sit out the required number of games during the Tournament must sit out the required number of games starting with their next League game.

Trophies and Awards
Finalist and Champion Team Trophies for all divisions.  Individual Finalist and Champion trophies for all divisions.        

There will be no protests.  All officiating decisions are final.
*The Tournament Director has sole discretion for interpretation of the tournament rules.