Results - 2009

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Scores are posted from the 3rd annual Kingdom Cup!  Please email with any discrepancies.  Thank you to all the teams, coaches, and parents who helped make this event a success!  

We look forward to seeing you all on the fields this fall and don't forget about the spring Crusader Cup April, 2010!     

  2009 Kingdom Cup Results   
 U8 Coed    U9 Girls
 U9 Boys    U10 Girls
 U10 Boys    U11 Girls
 U11 Boys    U12 Girls
 U13 Boys    U13 Girls
 U14 Boys    U14 Girls
     U15 Girls
     U16 Girls
     Varsity Girls



 U8 Coed BC Fire

U8 Coed Champions - BC Fire

 U9 Boys  GR Crew Jrs. Dragons

           U9 Boys Champions 

 Grand Rapids Crew Jrs. Dragons

 U10 Boys Kingdom Madcats

U10 Boys Champions - Kingdom Madcats

 U11 Boys  Ole

U11 Boys Champions - Ole

 U13 Boys REd Arrow

U13 Boys Champions - Red Arrow

 U14 Boys Ole

U14 Boys Champions - Ole

 U9 Girls Kingdom Select  - Jaqua

U9 Girls Champions - Kingdom Select - Jaqua

 U10 Girls Kingdom Select - Delgado

U10 Girls Champions - Kingdom Select - Delgado

 U11 Girls Grand Rapids Crew Jrs.

U11 Girls Champions - Grand Rapids Crew Jrs.

 U12 Girls Waza

U12 Girls Champions - Waza

 U13 Girls Kentwood Falcons

U13 Girls Champions - Kentwood Falcons

 U14 Girls Grand Rapids Crew Jrs. Silver

           U14 Girls Champions 

      Grand Rapids Crew Jrs. Silver

 U15 Girls MI Rovers

U15 Girls Champions - MI Rovers

 U16 Girls Kingdom Premier

U16 Girls Champions - Kingdom Premier

 Girls Varsity Sudbury Canadians

Varsity Girls Champions - Sudbury Canadians