Meet the staff of Kingdom Sports’ indoor soccer facility

At Kingdom Sports, we are the absolute best indoor soccer facility in the area, offering a number of youth soccer camps, leagues, and classes. We also host adult soccer leagues, including both coed and women’s soccer leagues. With all these options, we rely heavily on our staff of well-trained, knowledgeable professionals. Whether you’re interested in improving your skills, finding a new recreational activity, or getting some much-needed exercise, you can be confident that our team will work with you to identify the perfect class, league, or camp for you. We guarantee that everyone at Kingdom Sports, from our Director of Operations to our Youth Sports Director, is steadfastly committed to the enjoyment, safety, and development of your skills.


Chris Keenan
Owner and Director of Coaching
Stephanie Keenan
Chief Financial Officer


Kelly Morcombe
Director of Operations
Ian Troutman
Youth Camp Director
Ross Joyce
Youth Sports Director
Joe Fuld
Director and Indoor Manager