Kingdom Soccer is committed to youth soccer player development through youth soccer classes, youth soccer camps, and summer soccer training. We also offer a range of summer sports activities, as well as leagues, camps, and classes for adults. If you have questions about any of our class offerings, you should be able to find the information that you’re looking for on this page. If you can’t find the answers that you need, we encourage you to contact us, and our team would be happy to address your questions, comments, or concerns.

To ensure a comfortable, welcoming environment, Kingdom Sports has established the following rules:

  • Pay before you play.
  • Play at your own risk.
  • Display good sportsmanship.
  • Always respect players, coaches, and officials.
  • Absolutely no fighting or inappropriate language.
  • No drugs or alcohol permitted.
  • No gum or chewing tobacco permitted.
  • Respect the arena and its facilities.
  • No spitting in the facility or throwing trash on the floor.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Spectators should cheer in a positive manner.
  • Refunds will not be issued if you have been placed on a team.

Any violation of these house rules may result in removal and/or banishment.

We offer a number of scholarships for qualifying applicants. To apply, please CLICK HERE to download a form that must be turned in along with a copy of your proof of eligibility.

There are no refunds for a league, class, or camp once a child is signed up. There is a credit placed under the child’s name if there is a need to cancel before the first day. We cannot issue refunds or credits after the registration deadline.

A parent that is more than 15 minutes late in picking up their child will be charged a $25 late fee.

Before the first day of class, a credit may be placed under your child’s name for future use at a Kingdom Sports program. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or credits after the first class. We will work with you to try and find a more appropriate class, if one is available. We have also found that participants who stick with a class for a few weeks usually end up having a great time and want to sign up again!

Yes, for some classes. If you sign up for a class and it is full, we will try out best to move you to an available class. For other classes, there is no size limit. We will add instructors, as necessary, to ensure that there is at least one instructor for every ten children. This allows our instructors to have one-on-one time with each participant. If a class gets too large, we will open up a new time to accommodate everyone.

Yes, Kingdom Soccer allows for one make-up class per session. You may come to a different day for the class as long as the make-up day is not full. Please call us to inquire about availability before showing up and let the coach know which class day and time you are making up. Unfortunately, you cannot make up a missed session class from a previous session in a new session.